Located in North Scottsdale, Palmieri Performance + Sports Rehab is your home for regaining health and optimizing your athletic performance.


Palmieri Performance + Sports Rehab is committed to providing Scottsdale and Phoenix with the best in evidence-based chiropractic care. We are professionals in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injuries, sports rehabilitation, and athletic performance.

At Palmieri Performance + Sports Rehab, each client is provided with an individualized program to maximize athletic potential or resolved injury.  Our mission is to eliminate pain and optimize function, regardless of age, injury, or personal goals.




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I am a Crossfit Master’s athlete in South Carolina. I took 29th in 2015 in the world. As I was training for 2016, I tore my hamstring and bicep. I met Dr. Aaron at Sherman College of Chiropractic. When I tell you he put me back together...he put me back together. This young man is phenomenal and I highly recommend him, especially if you participate in Crossfit.
— Carl Mathias Crossfit Games Master's Athlete
About 6 months ago, I started noticing pain in my neck. I had just started graduate school, and I was sitting in class and studying 8-10 hours a day. On top of sitting all day, I was doing Crossfit 4-5 times per week. The pain began to irritate me to the point where it was hindering my fitness training, as well as making it uncomfortable to sit and complete my schoolwork. I knew that I wanted to be a successful student and athlete, so I reached out to Dr. Aaron. He has a great understanding of an athlete’s body and knew exactly how to treat me for my needs. He was committed to helping relieve my pain, but also spent time educating me on proper mechanics and proper exercises to help me with becoming a better Crossfit athlete. I’m so happy that I have been pain free since starting treatment with Dr. Aaron.
— Ashley C crossfit athlete
As a 22 year old runner, I thought low back pain was the last thing that was going to take me down. What started as minor sciatic pain, turned into debilitating pain that affected the way I functioned in just about all of my daily activities. After a visit to the orthopedist where I had an MRI, their only solution to the problem was through the use of excessive pain killers, and they basically told me nothing could be done. That’s when I sought out Dr. Aaron. First of all, I was thrilled at how much Dr. Aaron cared about my running performance and secondly, how much time he spent with me over the course of 5 months. During that time, Dr. Aaron developed a plan for me using his skills and athletic background that completely changed the way I use my muscles and even changed the way I think about using those muscles, with no pain killers involved. Now, I can move and stretch in ways that I couldn’t have before without having excruciating pain. I can now continually build my strength, train with confidence, and live free of back pain thanks to Dr. Aaron.
— Drew W competitive runner
I am so grateful for the opportunity to have had the chance to be treated by Dr. Aaron Palmieri. He really showed he cared about me and the pain I was experiencing. Not only did he take the time to get to the root causes of my discomfort, but his treatment methods prevented my nerves from being pinched and healed my neck and back. It made me feel like a new person and relieved a lot of the long term pain that I had. I have been blessed to have him as my doctor.You know when you have been treated by the best, and Dr. Aaron is truly one of the best.
— Gina R general pain patient



Rx Rehab-$100

here's what's included...

  • initial assessment
    • movement (stability and mobility) assessment
    • injury assessment
    • performance assessment
      • assessment of sports specific activities
  • 4 weeks of individualized rehabilitative workouts
    • 2-3 accessory/rehabilitative workouts per week
      • each workout will be an additive to current training (this is not a performance enhancement training program) that will take less than 20 minutes to complete
      • the workouts will be changed or progressed weekly based on the progress of pain resolution
      • patients will be emailed workouts
      • workouts may include resistance training, specific mobility drills, and goal focused programming
      • daily communication with Dr. Aaron
  • Follow-Up assessment
    • review of movement, injury, and performance assessment
    • continuation of program or completion of program due to resolution of injury/pain
  • 4 recovery sessions
    • once per week, 30 minute session of Normatec recovery boots or Marc Pro recovery system

Stay Active-$60

per required necessity, visit to visit appointments

  • initial assessment
  • chiropractic care: including dry needling, active release technique, IASTM (FAKTR/graston), and/or chiropractic manipulative therapy.
  • corrective exercise progressions













***For traditional chiropractic care, contact Grayhawk Family Chiropractic to make an appointment with Dr. Aaron, 480-247-9063











Dr. Aaron Palmieri is a sports chiropractor who utilizes manual therapy and corrective exercises to treat patients ranging from stay-at-home mom's to Crossfit games athletes. As a former college football player and a present Crossfitter/coach, he understands athletes. Aside from his duties as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Palmieri is a level one Crossfit coach and has spent time in collegiate strength and conditioning. Aside from treating patients, Dr. Palmieri enjoys fly fishing, mountain biking, hiking and spending time with his beautiful wife, Jessica.


Doctor of Chiropractic- Sherman College of Chiropractic, Spartanburg SC

Bachelor of Science in Biology- Grove City College, Grove City PA

Post Graduate Education

Active Release Technique- Full Body Certified

Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab (FAKTR)

Fascial Abrasion Technique Tool (FAT-Tool)

Rocktape- FMT 1&2 Certified

Crossfit Level One Certified- CF-L1

ClinicalAthlete Weightlifting Coach Certified

IDN Dry Needling Foundations Certified

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